A to Z burnout and Edge of Empire

Apparently posting for every day a month gave me a bit of blog burnout. I should be getting back into things soon.

Pretty soon I will be doing a one shot adventure in Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Edge of Empire system. It is a new system for me to game master, and is confusing me a bit. I have only played one small adventure in the system and the assigning of difficulty and the reading of the dice just seems a bit daunting.
Lego x-wing
The current scope: Two PC’s, one of which is a TIE fighter pilot, and a one night adventure. I will probably over plan the adventure as I am not clear on the pacing of this system.

One of the PC’s has a bunch of star wars mini’s but I think I should find a reason to pull out the lego x-wing as a prop, or the sci-fi coins.