RPG a Day 24

1468065859171The game I am likely to give others today is DnD 5e for fantasy gaming, for more party game oriented people it would be Fiasco. I would love to get the new publication of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen as it might be an even better introduction game to RPG’s for the party game crowd. Others I have yet to try and might recommend or give, Golden Sky Stories (good for kids, non combative) and Ryuutama (a more travel oriented game) and Do, Pilgrims of the flying temple (for a more story writing game).


RPG a Day 22, 23



The topics for these two days are less than clear to me. Recently someone saw my Wheel of Time RPG book, and I went looking for any ideas on 5th edition versions. I came accross the following reddit. This pricks my interest in a non-vancian spell casting class along the lines of pathfinders Spheres of Power.

RPG a Day 19, learn a new game.

1468065859171The best way to learn a new game is to see it played. Reading books only gets you so far, as it is often hard to learn the feel and flow of the game. It is also a lot shorter to watch a half hour video or join a two hour basic game than the number of hours it takes to read and understand a complex 200+ page book. Now I really should find some good gaming examples of Ryuutama on YouTube. I will have to watch some on the Roll20 videos.


RPG a Day 17, Fact or Fiction.


What fictional character would best fit in my group? I think a young luke skywalker would fit in quite well. Perhaps Frodo would be interested as well. Of course Wesley Crusher probably had a Holodeck routine specifically for whatever RPG becomes possible in that timeline.

Yesterday was mythological items, today a take on real items adapted to a magical setting.

The Aethercom: is a magically enhanced radio about the size of a large brick.

The Aethercom can connect to others of it’s same kind, if the frequency and controls can be dialed in.  This can be accomplished by a magical radio check or INT check. The DC for dialing in is based on the location of the other radio. DC 10 for same continent, DC 15 for same world or in a magical storm, DC 20 for a nearby plane of existance, DC 25 for any plane of existance. At other times a check of DC  12 can pick up a random channel, that might be helpful or not.  The check only needs to be made once to set the channel and only made again to change the channel.

Variations include the Arton Radio, the Aetheric Amulat, or the Farspeaking circlet. For communicating between variations you will need to make a one time DC of 15 and then the usual communication DC.


RPG a Day 16, The man, the Myth, the Legends.

1468065859171Historical Person I would like to game with?

What an odd question and one I don’t have an answer to. While historical people are an interesting topic. I will segway to mythology and two unique magical items that might be a great inclusion in any campaign, especially as an epic quest.

The last vial of the Mead of Poetry (unique): This magical mead enables great feats of poetry and inspiration. The drinker may inspire others once after drinking this mead. This may be by song, speech, or other expression. All within the area who can see or hear the expression regain one hit point and have a d6 bardic inspiration die available for the next hour. Additionally up to 3 targets gain an exceptional level of inspiration and can take a d12 bardic inspiration die for the next 10 minutes.

The Salmon of Knowledge (unique): Dried from a large salmon who ate 9 hazelnuts from a tree grown by the fount of all wisdom. When eaten, the user gains two proficiencies in any combination of Intelligence based skills, tool sets, or languages.  The eater also gains a one time use of Locate Creature or Locate Object with no casting time or components needed, and it must be used before the next full moon. As a side effect, the eaters eyes now glow in the dark which cause disadvantage to hide in the dark, but acts as a torchlight.