Day 1-5 #RPGaDay

I had intended to do a better job at this for the RPG a Day event. But as usual life intervenes.1468065859171

1: Real Dice, dice app, diceless?

Real dice. Unless it is a bunch of related random tables and then computer software not a dice app.

2: Best Game session of the last year?

Not as many as I would like, but the game I ran in Edge of Empire as a one shot was perhaps the best game of the last year, just becasue it was the pilot of the shuttle instead of the fighter that was able to accurately get trough the astaroid field.

3: Character moment you are proudest of?

I really quite like my wizard who has acrobatics as a skill. He can swing into the tree and fire of flame bolt whenever he wants.

4: Most Impressive thing another’s character did?

Again not enough games this last year to pick something specific.

5: What story does your group tell about your character?

I am gamemaster most often so not really something I can say.