Organizing the Game, Part 2

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I have organized my disk bound system with 3 ring binder dividers with new holesDungeons and Dragons punched. I actually have tabs from two sets that don’t match so I may get new dividers at some point.

Red for the Rise of the Runelord Pathfinder campaign. Blue for Princes of the Apocalypse 5th edition campaign. Green for my homebrew setting. Small orange (not visible in the picture) is for the Time of Bamboo campaign in my homebrew setting. Black is empty and Clear has ideas in development.

The red, black and green tabs are tied for the most pages. After that the ideas in development takes up the most space. Depending on how things go I will definitely look at archiving some pages out on a regular basis as the campaign progresses. Notes and maps from earlier in the campaign can safely be placed in a second book that can be on the floor or in a bag for reference instead of open on the tables.Dungeons and Dragons

I find that rewriting a few pages about the adventure from the book/pdf is a good way to commit a written adventure to memory.

I am going to look at making a bunch of stuff for dungeon building but I have limited time before Saturday so we will see if it happens. Next time I will show what I keep in the binder.


Organizing the Game, Part 1

I have tried to make this a post but I think it needs to be multiple or I will never publish it. So here is the problem, and my next posts will be my current solution.

I have a problem, and one I have never had before. Too many games going and a real life. When I last played RPG’s regularly I was in college with just one game at a time and lots of disposable time. Now however I have infrequent groups that meet up for games, and for most of them I am the dungeon/game master. That is a lot of content to arrange and keep straight.

So I have been looking for a way to organize the papers, and it needed the following requirements.

  • Flexible use of papers (Graph, lined, dot grid, printed game aides etc)
  • re-orderable and removable pages for handouts
  • not bulky for use at the table
  • Archivable

Three ring binders or modern variants of trapper keepers, if you can find them, work with the first two requirements quite well.

But for the third I found a solution that has been called (paraphrased) “If a spiral bound notebook and three-ring binder had a baby it would be a disc bound system”Dungeons and Dragons

I ran into them being used by a co-worker several years ago, but didn’t see much of the point. Now however I see a decent use for them.

There are several brands; Tul, circo, arc etc.The Arc system was fairly inexpensive, but the hole punch was the biggest barrier to entry. I opted to purchase are more heavy-duty hole punch so I could punch out thick plastic covers, dividers etc. This way I could grab some three-ring binder tabs from the dollar store and punch holes in them for a quick divider system. I have a tab for each current campaign, and have purchased more rings for the archives. I will have two books, one for active and one for slightly older stuff that can be referenced but not permanently on the table.

Next time – how I have things organized.

After that – how well it worked this saturday’s 9 to 4 game day.