Hedge Maze

Below the palace of Titanshome is a decorative hedge maze, used for private family events and other small gatherings.


A. Maze Entrance

B. Rose Court

C. Summer Picnic Court

D. Thorn Court

E. False Court

F. Arborvitae Court

G. Grand Court

H. Far Court

I. Secret Covered Court

J. Dancing Court

K. Rear Court




Masks of Madness

Outside the city of Obscurus lives a women obsessed with masks. A sorcerer and metalworker, she makes ornate metal masks and helmets that are prized for their artistry and occasionally a magical quirk.

The love of masks extended to her house which is built to look like a mask itself from  a height.


A.  Entry Hall

B. Closet

C. Mask Repair Shop

D. Storage

E. Grand Gallery (No roof)

F. Mask storage

G. Viewing Rooms

H. Kitchen

I. Gallery

J. Storage

K. Dining Halls

L. Butler’s Pantry (Stairs to servants quarters in the basement)

M. Wine Cellar

N. Reception Room

O. East Sitting Room

P. West Sitting Room

Q. Bedrooms

R. Master suite



The Enclave of Waters is well named, the Gnomes tend to live in family/business enclaves and they are known for their ship building capability. Here is an example compound of the Sihle family in the fishing boat making industry.


A. Storehouse

B, D, F, H. Family House

C. Kitchen/Dining

E. Important Family House

G. Repairs/Building Shop

I. Multi-Family House

J. Stables

K. Office for tools and plans, Head of the Family Residence.


The Chasm

Within the trails of the the Jade Mountains there is a chasm that was inconvenient for mining operations. The solution was a giant bridge. Older buildings and caves lining the path up and down the chasm then became part of a mining and guarding town.


A. Guard House to the Lowland path

B. Upper Garrison

C. High Town

D. Mausoleum Levels

E. Citadel of  the griffin riders

F. The Warrens

G. Low Town

H. Under-traversal linked by wells.

I. Temple Row

J. Deep Town

K. The Long Lift

L.  Mine Town

M. Mining Storage


Dark Forest

Within a dark forest in the realm of the fey, lies a city suspended in the gloomy under-canopy of a primordial group of copse of giant trees.

The massive round disc forming the main level of the city is suspended by a web of 15 foot radius vines, and likely some magic levitation. Ascending above and below that main disc are the towers of Silveniat.

A. The arcane sanctum of Dagad

B. The cables of descent

C. The Citadel tower of the Tuatha

D. The home of eight faces, a macabre theatre.

E. The gate tower, containing the connections to other realms.





Airships are most commonly powered by by Mystic Engines, which provide a method of propulsion and levitation. This particular ship uses large side pontoon like outriggers with four enchanted basalt stones that channel the energy from the Mystic Engine into propulsion and stabilization. While most Mystic Engines failed almost one hundred years ago, this one appeared to have escaped that calamity perhaps do to the unique shielding around the engine itself, perhaps due to luck, or the will of a draconic patron.

A. The piloting stone helm

B. The main deck with loading

C. The fore castle

D. Captains Quarters

E. Crew Cabins

F. The head and closets

G. Guest Lounges and Storage

H. Transitory chamber

I. Kitchen

J. Mystic Engine Room

K. Hold

L. Guest Storage

M. Guest Rooms

N. Larder and Storage