Princes of the Apocalypse: Session Summary 1

The day was way to cold, but the adventure fun.

Our intrepid adventures were tackling the monastary of the cult of elemental earth. They used charm person to get deep into the monastary, but then had to fight their way out. Eventually ending up with all characters down to zero except one who healed the cleric. The cleric then gave the kill shot to the last monk and they all miraculously survived. On the way back they ran into some water cultists so have another group to begin investigating next time.

Too much snow


The other side of game day prep

Snacks for game dayBesides getting the actual game ready, there is always the question of snacks and the other logistics. For example we have had more snow this year than we have ever had before, so shoveling the walk is a concern not on a usual day. This saturday we will be snacking on giant d20’s out of jello.

We need to grab some protein rich snacks and get out a lot of blankets. It is going to be super cold outside Saturday and we will need some energy without over-binging on carbs.