Preparing for the end boss

So it is almost time for the big fight. We have done a bunch of fights on the TV projecting the map with Fantasy Grounds, but wanted the boss fight physical.

Since our primary gaming surface is two long folding tables and it is highly susceptible to bumps. Especially with a few younger players around the table it was unfeasible to use my one foot square mats and have the table gap shift mid battle.

My solution here is to make a 30×30 XPS foam grid to put on the table.

Once cut out and the lines scored with a pen. It was time to test the layout with my existing dungeon tiles, and some dungeon blocks.

Once it looks good, I use the Black Magic Craft technique of a mix of mod podge and black acrylic to base coat both sides. Then comes layers of spray paint. First a dull red letting a bit f the black show through, then a yellowish orange, followed by a bit more red.

The final step will be to make the other side a water base and put a sealant coat on it.