Ladybug and Chat Noir

I find it helpful to have new players base their first character after one they like from fiction.

3994a65621c4aaa128281025f667ae42Legolas an example of being a common archetype, but many others are easily made into first level characters. Whole forum topics are dedicated to it.

Recently my kids and wife have begun playing and wanted characters based on Ladybug and Chat Noir. We are using two 5e homebrew archetypes.

Ladybug is a Warlock with a custom patron, the lady of luck. (written by /u/Polydeuces) Chat Noir an Acrobat Rouge archetype (written by Donald Stelling) Time will tell how balanced these end up being.

In another game my son is playing Lina Inverse from the sorceres of the anime Slayers. She is an Arcane bloodline sorcerer in pathfinder. He is enjoying the build.

Most magical girls are warlocks of a sort with an animal companion instead of an object  related to the pact, there is definately a lot that can be done there with altering the flavour of the eldritch blast to fit the character. Aqua Shine from Sailor Mercury, gun fire from Mami Tomoe or Yo-yo attacks by Ladybug could all be mechanically the same as Eldritch blast but provide a great image to the character.