Notes for Campaigns

I am finding it hard to organize things for all the little games going on. There are more intermittant games than I have ever run before all with the possibility of picking up at random notice. I have been looking at a few tools and think I am going to try a disc bound notebook. All the benefits of a spiral bound animg_0890d 3 ring binder. Specifically I will start with two, current and archive. Since all the pages are movable and I can intermix lined paper, dot grid, graph etc. It should help with the sprawl of paper I am dealing with now.

The other thing that will help it to make some template of game session logs to organize my otherwise sprawling notes. It worked well when I was managing one player in a pathfinder game, I just need to adapt the concept for DM/GM tracking of info. Once I get that I will post it up here. Any things you use for campaign management?