Inktober Begins

InktoberDungeonCue Inktober Dungeon. Doing the Inktober challenge of 31 drawings in 31 days. In this case doing it with a roleplaying game flavor.

At some point I should include a write up on my thoughts on these maps. The goal is to doodle one per day in October as part of Inktober.

Getting them posted may be a bit more sporatic as I work through how to quickly scan and upload things.

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Character Art

Colored.pngI really like visuals in a game. Sometimes that means drawing something, or finding art on deviant art or pinterest etc.

I recently got a bunch of cheap copic marker knockoffs (the real things are way to spendy for me). My wife has an elven ranger so I grabbed a lineart from deviantart, printed it, and colored it. It is fun to have character art. While I wish I could draw it, this is a close second. A different activity.

Original is here