RPG a Day 17, Fact or Fiction.


What fictional character would best fit in my group? I think a young luke skywalker would fit in quite well. Perhaps Frodo would be interested as well. Of course Wesley Crusher probably had a Holodeck routine specifically for whatever RPG becomes possible in that timeline.

Yesterday was mythological items, today a take on real items adapted to a magical setting.

The Aethercom: is a magically enhanced radio about the size of a large brick.

The Aethercom can connect to others of it’s same kind, if the frequency and controls can be dialed in.  This can be accomplished by a magical radio check or INT check. The DC for dialing in is based on the location of the other radio. DC 10 for same continent, DC 15 for same world or in a magical storm, DC 20 for a nearby plane of existance, DC 25 for any plane of existance. At other times a check of DC  12 can pick up a random channel, that might be helpful or not.  The check only needs to be made once to set the channel and only made again to change the channel.

Variations include the Arton Radio, the Aetheric Amulat, or the Farspeaking circlet. For communicating between variations you will need to make a one time DC of 15 and then the usual communication DC.



RPG a Day 16, The man, the Myth, the Legends.

1468065859171Historical Person I would like to game with?

What an odd question and one I don’t have an answer to. While historical people are an interesting topic. I will segway to mythology and two unique magical items that might be a great inclusion in any campaign, especially as an epic quest.

The last vial of the Mead of Poetry (unique): This magical mead enables great feats of poetry and inspiration. The drinker may inspire others once after drinking this mead. This may be by song, speech, or other expression. All within the area who can see or hear the expression regain one hit point and have a d6 bardic inspiration die available for the next hour. Additionally up to 3 targets gain an exceptional level of inspiration and can take a d12 bardic inspiration die for the next 10 minutes.

The Salmon of Knowledge (unique): Dried from a large salmon who ate 9 hazelnuts from a tree grown by the fount of all wisdom. When eaten, the user gains two proficiencies in any combination of Intelligence based skills, tool sets, or languages.  The eater also gains a one time use of Locate Creature or Locate Object with no casting time or components needed, and it must be used before the next full moon. As a side effect, the eaters eyes now glow in the dark which cause disadvantage to hide in the dark, but acts as a torchlight.


P is for Pocket Dimensions

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.

BambooLantern-300pxMany unusual things exist in the world. One of these is the existence of tiny pocket dimensions. Ages ago wizards stumbled upon the ability to manipulate these pocket dimensions and tie them to objects and spells in the world. The practical result is the existance of objects with greater capacity than it would seem on the outside. (Insert, it’s bigger on the inside reference here). Also there is the ability for items to retrieve other items from pocket dimensions and extra-dimensional  spaces.

Here are several items in the world that use pocket dimensions and extra-dimensional spaces.

Bracers of the Armory
Wonderous Item (Uncommon) (requires attunement)
These Bracers will store a single weapon sized for a small or medium-sized creature. They can be recalled as a bonus action once per day or stored or retreived normally as a full action. This is done by using the command word linked to the bracers.

Forever Lantern
Wonderous Item (Uncommon)
This chinese style lantern (see image) when filled will keep a hundred quarts of oil in its container that takes up only a small jar of size or weight. This allows it to continue burning for a very long time.

Cane of Many Uses
Weapon (Very Rare) (requires attunemenet)
This 18 inch long rod of silver stores extensions in a pocket dimension. When found it usually has its cane form with a wooden carved head on one end and cane height wooden length on the other. The Cane has 6 charges and for one charge can switch the extensions to the silver rod for one charge. 1d4+2 charges are restored at sundown. The extensions available are cane, rapier, 10ft pole, 20ft pole, pick, hammer, staff, spear, and falchion. The cane counts as silvered and magical for purposes of damage resistance.

Ring of Changing
Wonderous Item (Uncommon) (requires attunement)
This ornate ring stores one complete outfit. The ring has three charges and you may use one to swap your existing outfit for the one in the ring. The change takes one full action, you can force it to be a quick action but you must roll a 1d10 and on a result of 1 the change fails, the ring is destroyed, and the outfit stored dumps on the ground. Only the clothing and belt pouches change, no backpacks or weapons. It can also only store up to 20 pounds of clothing and accessories, so most armors are too heavy as well. Charges refill at one charge per fancy large meal you consume to a maximum of three.

Notebook of the Archivist
Wonderous Item (legendary)
This brown leather-bound notebook is about 7 inches long, 5 inches with an emerald-green ribbon bookmark. It contains only 20 thickly coated pages, each depicting a sketch of a cupboard or set of shelves.

Each shelf has objects upon it that can be called forth from the space as an action. The shelves and cupboards of each page have the following dimensions; 6ft x 4ft x 2ft, some are set up for a weapons rack, others for clothing etc.

If giving to a player I would say that it has three of everything in the equipment, except armors where it only has one of each. I would also put in there one of everything from a d100 trinkets table. It would also have pursuers who desire it for themselves and one shelf of mundane books.

Image from Open Clip Art

O is for Omoikane

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.

The Omoikane

OmoikaneIn the Lands of the Violet Bellflower there are organizations that are not just governments. Among these the Order of Bamboo is almost rivaled by the Omoikane. Both the name of the organization and the name of its leader are the same. In fact you could say it is a cult of personality, a person who has for some reason never died. The exact age of Omoikane is unknown, though she obviously predated the organization that bears her name. The Organization itself is over three centuries old, and is based in the Land of the Great Tree.

Governance: The Organization is a dictatorship of sorts, as all core direction and leadership is provided by the Omoikane and her counselors, the Onmyoji.

Purpose: Omoikane, she desires something that was trapped, and cannot figure out how to retrieve it. Most know she is looking for something taken from her, but only rumours abound as to what it might be.

Goals: Gather information, artifacts and arcane knowledge of all kinds.

Symbols/Iconography: The round logo of mysteries within mysteries. The amber droplet in silver filigree, is another symbol that represents the archive.

Locations: The capital city of Omoikane, in which resides the great tree headquarters of the Omoikane and the residence of the Omoikane. Given that everything has taken her name, the locals usually refer to it as The City, The Group, and Omoikane when referring to her holiness herself.

They also have research posts, libraries and agents around the continent and beyond. One large facility is held in the port city of Jutohin as it has the most trade and access to transportation in the Land of the Great Tree.

Agents: The Omoikane believe in self motivated, self-directed agents and applies a light hand in affairs of its agents unless required. They often desire knowledge and promote education and research, as the Omoikane strongly recruit those who do. Their archaeology and dungeoneering expertise is legendary as they search for lost artifacts.

Common Agent Backgrounds and Classes: Guild Artisans, Sage and Agents of the Omoikane.  Druids, Clerics of the Knowledge domain, Wizards, Warlocks, Rangers and Rouges.

Things: The Sanctum of the Great Tree is the main base of the Omoikane. They also use unique amber droplet shaped ornaments that are capable of storing recordings of memories of images sounds and smells.

Agents of the Omoikane (5e Dungeons and Dragons Background)

Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Rappelling gear

Equipment: An Explorers kit, a notebook, quill and ink vial, 20 gp, explorer’s outfit, a droplet shaped ear-ring of amber.

Bonds, Ties etc: as Sage in the Players Handbook

Contacts and Cyphers: You are skilled at finding a contact in any major town or city and capable of sending messages to allies through them in a secure fashion by using the cyphers and codes of the omoikane.


Ear-Ring of Omoikane

This amber ear-ring allows the recording of up three hours of audio, either in whole or in part when the user speaks the words “Amber Record of the Tree hear me now”, and can be ended by saying “So let it be recorded in the great record”. It can then be played back by uttering the phrase, “Let the amber record be known”. There is no way to fast forward, rewind, delete or otherwise modify the record once recorded or playback started.

Edit: Influences include the Animes of Nadesco and Tenchi, and some japanese mythology.