Session Prep

211elemsymbolsI only got back into gaming in the last few years and I find that I am in need of tighter session prep. Years of ideas in your head can get you through the first few years of playing, but then things become complicated when you start getting full fledged campaigns finally going strong and a lot more to manage.

We are doing another session of Princes of the Apocalypse (5th edition dungeons and dragons) this comming saturday and I really need to get some things straight in my head. Something that would really be helpful for my graphical mind is to have an outline/flowchart. Also to have a quick one pager for NPC’s and each dungeon.  The adventure as written is great to read, but a lot to maintain and run when there are 30 NPC’s in the town and first two dungeons to keep straight. Keeping everything relevant on one or two sheets of paper is critical to run fast.

The good news for anyone running such a flagship adventure is that a lot of DM’s have done the dirty work of compiling a lot of info. While I still might mind-map relationships of some things as the act of writing things down helps me remember them, it should shorten the prep time of the adventure and then I can focus on the maps and possibly dungeon tiles.

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