Bellflower and Bamboo Campaign Bible

In Role Playing Games when compiling all the information about a world for player reference, we call this the Campaign or World Bible. This is mine for the Bellflower and Bamboo Campaign.

Introduction: The 11 realms are the universe. Among them in a corner of the realm known as Hendro lies the island continet of the Violet Bellflower. Often confused with the word violent which might just as apt a description due to the long history of intrigue and battle. The Mystic Engines failed, and as the former Empire of Minam fell and communication with other realms was cut off many tribes set up their own nations and tribes.

Now 32 nations vie over the continent to establish their own doctrines and agendas. Old cities abandoned, wars, ancient secrets, mysterious happenings.


The below are links to the various articles part of the campaign bible. And shows what I intend to add over time.

History and Time

Brief Timeline
The Future

Languages and Skills

Languages and Language Families
Ao Eim

Nations of the Land of the Violet Bellflower

I Republic of the Harping Thistle
II Land of the Great Tree
III Kingdom of Durain
Town of Zeonit
IV Cooperative of the Hilden Hills
V Forest Kingdom of Tuathanan
VI Hobartin
VII Bachtir
VIII Tin Hou
Causeway to Nowhere
IX Great Pinhou
X Shovamhon
XI Nahaerhin
XII Conclave of Equals
City of Independence
XIII The Great Architects
XIV Argon Empire
XV Enclave of Waters
XVI Matron Mysterium
XVII Towers of Stone
XVIII Tua Janin
XIX Land of Order and Truth
XX Jade Kingdom
XXI Great Nation of Ao
XXII Shamal
XXIII Knowing Iles
XXIV Dependency of Golim
XXV Land of Titans
XXVI Isocania
The Ramshackle Rapscallion
XXVII Tilman
Xystus of the Gymnasium of Cos
XXVIII Dutchy of Maltarn
XXIX Fighters of Wold
XXX Melen
XXXI Ziquan
XXXII Heads of Ponn


Lore Masters of the Omoikane
Order of Bamboo
Knights of Shining Truth
The Order for Order
Followers of the Earth Star

Playing the Game

House Rules