What Scares You People? (Blog Carnival May 2018)

I often play with a younger set of players so most “scary” stuff is alluded to or made up like an 80’s cartoon villian. Playing against the character’s fears is not a big deal, but playing up the fears of the players can be a difficult proposition, so I tread lightly on those.

For my upcoming campaign, set in my own world, I have some ideas on how to distiguish races by some specific phobias and traits. For example, dwarves are for more prone to Agoraphobia and less prone to Claustrophobia which is why they tend to build in underground spaces. Check FearOf.net for details on these fears. Mania’s and Philias selected from Alphadictionary philia list and Alphadictionary Mania List

I may have my players pick a severe or mild phobia, mania or philia as part of their character description.

  • Humans
    • Baseline for the commonality of Phobia’s (Fears), Mania’s (Obsessions) and Philia’s (Loves).
    • Some of these can be imagined come from biology and others culture.
  • Dwarves
    • More Prone to Agoraphobia (open spaces), Acrophobia (heights),  and Astraphobia (thunder/lightning)
    • More Prone to Trichomania and Chaerophilia (Hair), Crystallophilia (crystals and glass) and Symmetrophilia (symmetry)
    • Less Prone to Claustrophobia (closed spaces), Gamophobia (commitment), and Chaetophobia (hair)
    • More prone to inner ear imbalances and migranes, a typically strong robust gut biome helps against poisons and indigestion.
  • Gnomes
    • More Prone to Disposophobia (getting rid of stuff), Apiphobia (bees),  and Enochlophobia (crowds).
    • More Prone to Altomania (heights) and Astromania (Stars), Osmophilia (smells) and Kainophilia (novelty)
    • Less Prone to Technophobia (technology), Acrophobia (heights), and Ligytophobia (loud noises)
    • More prone to ADHD and compulsion disorders, but more resistant to vertigo/nausea.
  • Halflings
    • More Prone to Taphophobia (being burried alive), Bathophobia (the depths), and Aerophobia (flying)
    • More Prone to Oenomania (wines) and Botanomania (plants), Logophilia (words) and Microphilia (small things)
    • Less Prone to Agoraphobia (open spaces), Entomophobia (bugs and insects), and Cacomorphobia (fat people)
    • Less prone to heart disease and more resistant to endocrine disruptors, leading to less diabetes etc.
  • Elves
    • More Prone to Mysophobia (germs), Autophobia (abandonment), and Thanatophobia (death).
    • More Prone to Choromania (dancing) and Ambulomania (walking), Mythophilia (myths or gossip) and Patroiophilia (heredity)
    • Less Prone to Glossophobia (public speaking), Nyctophobia (dark), and Aerophobia (flying).
    • Longer life but more likely to miscarriage and more pregnancy issues. More likely to burn in heat and the intense sun.
  • Tieflings
    • More Prone to Athazagoraphobia (being forgotten), Coulrophobia (clowns), and Photophobia (light)
    • More Prone to Xyromania (razors, sharp edges) and Vestimania (clothes), Thanatophilia (death and dying) and Phonophilia (sounds, voices)
    • Less Prone to Pyrophobia (fire), Entomophobia (bugs and insects), and Achondroplasiaphobia (midgets)
    • Unusual anatomical features and a wide range of odd physical conditions can affect them. Their horns or other devilish features are found to be assymetrical fairly commonly.
  • Aasimar
    • More Prone to Kinemortophobia (undead), Entomophobia (bugs and insects), and Nyctophobia (dark).
    • More Prone to Theomania (gods and religion) and Ophthalmomania (being stared at), Bibliophilia (books) and Chorophilia (Dancing)
    • Less Prone to Glossophobia (public speaking), Phasmophobia (ghosts), and Photophobia (light)
    • Glowing skin, so much they are more prone to narcolepsy and insomnia.
  • Dragonborn
    • More Prone to Anatidaephobia (ducks), Omphalophobia (belly buttons), and Allodozaphobia (Opinions about them)
    • More Prone to Musculomania (muscles) and Kinesomania (movement), Dikephilia (justice) and Hydrophilia (water)
    • Less Prone to Thanatophobia (death), Monophobia (being alone), and Metathesiophobia (change)
    • Scaly hides lend protection but are prone to mites and skin conditions. They are less tolerant of cold environments.
  • Half Orc
    • More Prone to Ophidiophobia (snakes), Achondroplasiaphobia (midgets),  and Catoptrophobia (mirrors)
    • More Prone to Lygomania (darkness) and Sideromania (iron/steel), Pterophilia (birds) and Ophidiophilia (snakes)
    • Less Prone to Ergophobia (work), Psudodysphagia (chocking), and Pogonophobia (beards)
    • Beefy but with less than standard melanocytes, this produces an increased chance of muscle cramps and tone deafness. Their liver processes alcohol faster, leading them to have a higher tolerance.

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