Masks of Madness

Outside the city of Obscurus lives a women obsessed with masks. A sorcerer and metalworker, she makes ornate metal masks and helmets that are prized for their artistry and occasionally a magical quirk.

The love of masks extended to her house which is built to look like a mask itself from  a height.


A.  Entry Hall

B. Closet

C. Mask Repair Shop

D. Storage

E. Grand Gallery (No roof)

F. Mask storage

G. Viewing Rooms

H. Kitchen

I. Gallery

J. Storage

K. Dining Halls

L. Butler’s Pantry (Stairs to servants quarters in the basement)

M. Wine Cellar

N. Reception Room

O. East Sitting Room

P. West Sitting Room

Q. Bedrooms

R. Master suite



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