Some standing stones are just decorative, or central to worship ceremonies.  Others harbor secrets beneath them.

One in particular harbors secrets connecting it to multiple extra dimensional rooms. It is unclear to those who have studied it how all the criteria work, but at times a way is available to open paths to a collection of rooms.


A: The vaults of Eri Tanalor Verolan Yan the Lost (It is only approachable on the full moon during the aphelion of the rogue comet Nephit)

  1. The mundane vault
  2. The vault of war
  3. The vault of art (the hidden vault of jewelry)
  4. The vault of the strange (the hidden vault of the occult)
  5. The vault of magic

B: The chambers of the Hidden Library (Accessible with the right poem read at dawn on the summer solstice with one of a number of keys)

  1. Entrance Hall of Records
  2. Chamber of Tablets
  3. Chamber of Scrolls
  4. Chamber of Stories
  5. Chamber of Memories
  6. Chamber of Knowledge
  7. Chamber of Physicality
  8. Chamber of Mysteries

C: Halls of Mushrooms, accessible only in late fall when violet fungus is burned near the standing stone.

  1. Hall of Morels
  2. Den of Experience
  3. Vault of Fungi

Assuming you don’t go mad, it is rumored there are treasures to be had in the den of experience. Most don’t survive the psychedelic spores however.

D: An unusual campsite used by druids periodically. This is the most accessible as it is available with the right words as long as the standing stone is in full moonlight.

E: The Hall of Introspection. This is an empty hall and anything left here for too long simply disappears. It is quiet and suppresses all noise. Available during heavy winds and storms simply by touching the stone.




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