Inktober: Crooked

On an old leaning stone tower two new wooden floors were constructed. Even with the new supports everything seems to settle slightly off.

The basement contains storage, the main floor is an entry and apprentice room. Above that is the kitchen, and above the main room and restroom.The wooden floors are a bedroom and study.



Inktober: Shy

This grand compound is designed around three courtyards. The front courtyard around the stables, guest and public areas. The central courtyard around the personal quarters of the reclusive patriarch and family. The back courtyard around the servant areas, kitchens and storage.

The family generally only interacts with guests from behind drawn gauze curtains. It has let to speculations the family is a bunch of werewolves or has a Medusa as part of the family.

Inktober: Sword

The monks of the god Glaius take their devotion to the symbolism of the sword a bit too far at times. This includes their unusual monastery in the mountains near the dependency of Golim.

The blade houses the reception chamber, dormitory rooms, and the dining hall. The cross guard the well, storage area, and offices on the sides. The hilt itself hosts the kitchen and stairs to the cellar.

Underwater: Inktober Day 4

InktoberDungeonToday’s theme is underwater.

In this case I wanted to draw a vertical dungeon. The biggest difficulty is in portraying that space well. So this is also my first attempt at an isometric dungeon view. There are errors in the cartography that I would fix digitally but they aren’t a big enough issue for inktober. No other specific story for this one.


Happy Little Minis

Geek and Sundry on Alpha has a new show all about mini painting. The last mini I painted was about a decade and a half ago. So my wife, my son and I painted some over the weekend.

The wizards and mini dragon by me, the archer by my wife and the knight by my son.

A Den of Snakes

Inktober Dungeon day 3: Poison

I think I have a better way to ingest images and post. So that is a plus. The poisoners of the Yuan-ti like most businesses seek out locations that make it easy to do their job. This natural cave with a large deep depression has been walled off into multiple pens for easy segmentation of the snake populations. Dimly lit and musty, the most dramatic sensation is the incessant sound of slithering snakes and chittering mice.

One location is set up for the cultivation of mice as an easy food source to later feed the snakes. Baskets on ropes are baited to encourage the creatures to enter them and be hauled up. Problematic customers or officials are easily disposed of by accidental falls from the stone ledges.

Rumor has it the poisoner Variss Klezzin has a secret cache of goods in a remote ledge of the cave.