Organizing the Game, Part 1

I have tried to make this a post but I think it needs to be multiple or I will never publish it. So here is the problem, and my next posts will be my current solution.

I have a problem, and one I have never had before. Too many games going and a real life. When I last played RPG’s regularly I was in college with just one game at a time and lots of disposable time. Now however I have infrequent groups that meet up for games, and for most of them I am the dungeon/game master. That is a lot of content to arrange and keep straight.

So I have been looking for a way to organize the papers, and it needed the following requirements.

  • Flexible use of papers (Graph, lined, dot grid, printed game aides etc)
  • re-orderable and removable pages for handouts
  • not bulky for use at the table
  • Archivable

Three ring binders or modern variants of trapper keepers, if you can find them, work with the first two requirements quite well.

But for the third I found a solution that has been called (paraphrased) “If a spiral bound notebook and three-ring binder had a baby it would be a disc bound system”Dungeons and Dragons

I ran into them being used by a co-worker several years ago, but didn’t see much of the point. Now however I see a decent use for them.

There are several brands; Tul, circo, arc etc.The Arc system was fairly inexpensive, but the hole punch was the biggest barrier to entry. I opted to purchase are more heavy-duty hole punch so I could punch out thick plastic covers, dividers etc. This way I could grab some three-ring binder tabs from the dollar store and punch holes in them for a quick divider system. I have a tab for each current campaign, and have purchased more rings for the archives. I will have two books, one for active and one for slightly older stuff that can be referenced but not permanently on the table.

Next time – how I have things organized.

After that – how well it worked this saturday’s 9 to 4 game day.



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