Magic and Healing

Winter is a time of flu and colds. Magic in roleplaying games cures much, why can it not cure everything?Sandwitch over character

My answer is that curing is not so simple for daily life. Sure, for adventurers getting into a scrape here and there, losing energy (part of the meaning by hit points), cauterizing wounds etc Magical healing does wonders. The catch is that it still cannot reverse aging (without using world breaking spells like wish etc), or eliminate all disease and accident. In that it is much like modern medicine; many things are fully curable, others mitigatable, the chief causes of death in previous generations are not remembered hardly at all and replaced by heart disease and cancer as major killers. Modern medicine also still strugles with unusual conditions and rare diseases. It sounds like a perfect description of why cure wounds spells can’t heal everything, quicker than antibiotics and stitches but still not able to do everything.

So several maladies beyond quick healing:

  • Every time a character drops to zero they get an affliction of some sort, dropped con score, scars, lost limb in severe cases etc. (deserves several random tables, one per dammage type slashing, bludgeoning, pericing, thunder, magical etc?)
  • Chronic rare conditions uncurable but mitigatable by spells. Pick a system effected: Hormonal, Bowels, Muscles, Mental Illness etc.
  • Magically augmented diseases resistant to basic healing spells that may require additional resources.

Sounds like a few more articles are in order on each of these.


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