The Best Artificer

dnd_logoI really liked the concept of the artificer in 3rd edition dungeons and dragons. I never got to play one, but developed several NPC’s around the concept. I have seen half a dozen attempts to create the artificer in 5th edition, but all seem very complex and I am just not sure how they would work. The best version I have seen was just released by Wizards of the Coast in their Unearthed Arcana column. It is the first that makes me not feel it is difficult to write one up.

I really like the focus on the tinkering aspect, the two archetypes are evocative and things seem at first glance to be balanced. It fills an odd niche of a jack of all trades; magical, martial, and skills.

The Good:

  • A good mix of proficiencies make them capable second string fighters, especially with the armor proficies.
  • The toying with attunement is perfectly fitting to both the system and concept
  • Wonderous Invention seems a great fit, and a great place for a DM to allow campaign specific items, or provide additional rewards of special objects.
  • Alchemist has a good set of potions and elixers.
  • Infuse spells also is particulary fantastic

The Bad:

  • Gunsmith is less focused than the Matthew Mercer Pathfinder conversion. I would not prefer this varient unless additional rules for magical enchantements were added as an arcane gunsmith.

Not sure:

  • The spell list seems limited, not sure that will matter without testing it
  • The companion is great for roleplaying, but suffers in a large boss fight simmilarly to ranger companions etc.

What to add:

  • golemancer, portal jumper or such would be a great archetypes

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