RPG a Day 17, Fact or Fiction.


What fictional character would best fit in my group? I think a young luke skywalker would fit in quite well. Perhaps Frodo would be interested as well. Of course Wesley Crusher probably had a Holodeck routine specifically for whatever RPG becomes possible in that timeline.

Yesterday was mythological items, today a take on real items adapted to a magical setting.

The Aethercom: is a magically enhanced radio about the size of a large brick.

The Aethercom can connect to others of it’s same kind, if the frequency and controls can be dialed in.  This can be accomplished by a magical radio check or INT check. The DC for dialing in is based on the location of the other radio. DC 10 for same continent, DC 15 for same world or in a magical storm, DC 20 for a nearby plane of existance, DC 25 for any plane of existance. At other times a check of DC  12 can pick up a random channel, that might be helpful or not.  The check only needs to be made once to set the channel and only made again to change the channel.

Variations include the Arton Radio, the Aetheric Amulat, or the Farspeaking circlet. For communicating between variations you will need to make a one time DC of 15 and then the usual communication DC.



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