RPG a Day 16, The man, the Myth, the Legends.

1468065859171Historical Person I would like to game with?

What an odd question and one I don’t have an answer to. While historical people are an interesting topic. I will segway to mythology and two unique magical items that might be a great inclusion in any campaign, especially as an epic quest.

The last vial of the Mead of Poetry (unique): This magical mead enables great feats of poetry and inspiration. The drinker may inspire others once after drinking this mead. This may be by song, speech, or other expression. All within the area who can see or hear the expression regain one hit point and have a d6 bardic inspiration die available for the next hour. Additionally up to 3 targets gain an exceptional level of inspiration and can take a d12 bardic inspiration die for the next 10 minutes.

The Salmon of Knowledge (unique): Dried from a large salmon who ate 9 hazelnuts from a tree grown by the fount of all wisdom. When eaten, the user gains two proficiencies in any combination of Intelligence based skills, tool sets, or languages.  The eater also gains a one time use of Locate Creature or Locate Object with no casting time or components needed, and it must be used before the next full moon. As a side effect, the eaters eyes now glow in the dark which cause disadvantage to hide in the dark, but acts as a torchlight.



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