RPG in Real Life

So I like gaming but I also have a busy life. Merging the two brings me the following.WeeklyPlanner

As a family we are trying to plan better, in an attempt to make life a little more game like I made these weekly and monthly planners based on the designs and graphics of the 5e Dungeons and Dragons character sheet. Eventually I plan to make one for longer planning timeframes and a peronsal goals leveling up sheet.

The below versions are without my families family crest or motto. (We use the Icosashedron Gules upon a Bar Or as the family crest, and Every Day Do Better as the Motto) Feel Free to add your own.


Monthly Planner

Additionally I have been working on a series of monsters for a future series of games where a lot of monsters will be inspired by Japanese Yokai. I will post soon with an early version (It is already 10 pages long)