Review of Dungeon/World Architect Cards

I backed the World Architect Cards on Kickstarter.

The basic shot:
New cards

The quick adventure and region I created from the cards. Details are not listed just to make sure no players see this before it is run.

Quality: Good durable feeling cards

Usability: Using the cards only once, it went fairly well. The options provided do a good job of stimulating the formation of an adventure. It works best when using a variety of dice for randomizing the descriptors, some of the cards have 15 options which is tricky to roll if you are not used to figuring out how to roll unusual numbers on standard sized dice.

The dual sided nature of the cards is tricky as it isn’t just a straight deal of the cards but you have to know which side to use or have a way to pick the side.

Overall: Great value for the cost and it is a fun way to quickly generate a dungeon or region.


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