V is for Vehicles

Things have been a bit crazy and I am behind.

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.

nausicaanumeneraOne of my favorite fantasy vehicles is the mehive from Nausicaa. Recently in Numenera they came out with a version in that game. While I like Numenera and have purchased it and The Strange, I still prefer 5th edition mechanics at this time. Here are the stats for my world, if my players ever find one.


Speed 90ft, Carrying Capacity 540lbs, Cost:N/A The use of a Windwing is a dexterity check, it takes several minutes to get used to the controls and one can eventually gain proficiency in the check to use the Windwing. As it requires the use of both hands for easy control, using two handed weapons on this takes an acrobatics check in addition to any piloting checks made to prevent falling off.

In addition there is one known airship still functioning in the Land of the Violet Bellflower, the Dancing Diamond.

The Dancing Diamond

Length: 110ft   Crew: 7 people   Passengers: 12 people  Speed: 75ft

The Dancing Diamond specializes is luxury cruises and the transportation of jewley. As such it has two platforms where mages might cast defensive and offensive spells as necessary for protection. Typically the crew consists on the Captain Eyelon and his luitenant Naura, two wizards, a chef, the pilot and cabin boy. The Captain was formerly a warrior of renown and both he and Naura are known for their skill in battle, can fully capable of defending the ship. What most don’t know is that the halfling chef was once an assasin and just as dangerous.

Images copyright Monte Cook Games and Stuido Ghibli.


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