S is for Shovamhon

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.


ShovamhonThe halfling nation is a strong nation of warriors. While small in stature they have the best battle engineer and siege engines on the contient. After a lenghtly siege of Golim, a treaty was reached which made Golim’s Monarchy a dependency on the Shovamhon nation. With that acquisition, the Grand Counselor of Shovamhon controls the largest amount of land in the Land of the Violet Bellflower. Many fear the imperial aspirations of the Shavamhon Council.

Government and Society: Shavamhon is goverend by the Council of Green. The most senior of the council is granted the title of Grand Counselor and acts as the leader of the nation and manages the appointed generals. The Council is assisted and advised by the Celestial Beurocracy, a religeos organization devoted to the worship of natural animism.

Architecture: Their architecture is simmilar to Japanese architecture from earth. Wooden beam construction with the floor elevated to allow for air currents under the house (In winter the flow of air is slowed and coals feed warm air under the floorboards.) Popular in the region are also public saunas and baths.

Food, Goods, Imports and Exports: The mines of Shovamhon provide a steady stream of metals used for industry and export. The orchards and berry fields of the eastern region are well known for their abundance of delicious fruit.

While the mines are profitable, there is a lack of silver in the region so that is heavily imported for mirrors, silvered weapons and other goods. Grain, sugar and granite are also imported to support the design of fortifications and monuments.

Culture, Clothing and Holidays: The women and men of Shovamhon wear loose draped and clasped robes in daily wear. While the women prefer the use of multiple differing patterns, the mens clothing tends to be in single all over patterns. Formal wear is in blacks, off whites, a pale reds depending on the function and social position of the wearer.

The country of Shovamhon has a tradition of dancing, dances, and gambling. This is best seen in the spring festival of renewal. With ritual bathing, midnight vigils and all night dancing and gambling being indulged in.

The harvest festival of apples is a time of sacrifice of ones time to the recitation of thanks the the various spirits and gifts given to the spirits of the land. The women of the land officiate all the rites, processions  and recitations during this festival, and no man is allowed to touch a shrine without a woman present without misfortune for the next year.

Common Races: Halflings, and in metropolitan areas any other race.

Common Backgrounds:  Soldier, hermit, outlander, sage


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