M is for Mystic Engines

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.

In the land of the Violet Bellflower magic is perceived as divided into four categories. Each with different forms of practitioners and with different wide area effects and objects that can be created.


In the categorization of Arcane Magic, there is something known as a Mystic Engine. It is created by wizards and is designed to produce reliable magical effects, often in a wide area. In the game Mystic Engines failed around a century ago. The real reason is a matter of scholarly debate; some say it was a divine intervention, others say it is a plot of the dragons who have not been seen for multiple centuries.

In some cases Sanctums, Mystic Engines, and Alienist Warps produce similar effects and most people don’t know the difference. Other rumoured devices of great power include soul forges, Lionel bluestone, and fey matrices. They are not confirmed to exist and often not included in official lists.

Example Mystic Engines, Sanctums and Alienist Warps

The Mystic Engine of the Towers of Howling Wind enabled access to multiple pocket dimensions as well as an extensive network of communication devices not just limited to the Whispering Towers. It is believed that it remained partially intact due to some of its structure being spread over those pocket dimmensions. (In the communication room any player may initiate communication with any tower of whispering wind, provided they know of its location. Any door, other than those that have been stabilized, will on a 1 [roll 1d4] transport them to a random room in the towers or pocket dimension, there is only a 1 in 3 chance they can return they way they came after entering the door.) [At some point I may take time to detail all those maps and create a random table of rooms]

The Sanctum of the Order of Truth prevents magic from being used inside the temple except by those who are initiated of the order. It also allows practitioners to imbue holy symbols with the ability to summon simple objects. (Ritual takes one month and requires faith in the Order of Truth. Magic object [requires attunement]: can store one object of size 2m by 1m by .5m in size. Can retrieve or store that item as a bonus action. Once attuned it is thought that it cannot be attuned to another without being brought to the sanctum, rumours persist that a dark process might be able to subvert that safeguard.)

The Warp of Ziquan, residing in the country of the same name is the image of a castle, the sound of humming bees and the smell of burnt bread. It floats around the region and it is said no one can enter the castle, but those who are near it for any length of time go mad or suffer psychotic breakdowns. Strangely however those who have spent some time near without breaking down, have an increased sense of smell and hearing. What purpose, if any this has is unknown. (Must roll saves within half a mile of the castle which roams in a 30 mile circle area. DC 15 Cha save, or suffer 1d4 cha damage. At 0 they suffer a psycotic breakdown. If they survive they regain all Cha back in 1d6 hours and have advantage on perception for the next 1d8 days)

The Mystic Engines of the Dwarven Stoneships. Several Dwarven Stoneships used mystic engines to power huge floating cities of stone that would travel, providing services and skills wherever they went. Mostly trading between remote dwarven mines and operations and the civilized world. They all crashed during the fall of the mystic engines.

The Sanctum of the Omoikane is the headquarters for the Omoikane. A giant living tree capable of storing memories in it’s crystalized tree sap. The initiates of the order are healed at a slow rate if within a mile of the tree. (1d4 hp per hour)

The Warp of the Dark One’s Pyramid. All within three miles have increased strength as their mind opens to embrace more physicality and not pull punches. They are also at risk of damaging themselves. Nearer the pyramid those who fall unconscious have eyes that glow red and will attack the nearest living things aggressively. (+2 to strength, on a critical hit half the damage given to the enemy is received by the attacker allowing no save and no  damage resistance applies)


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