F is for Fighters and Forests

In the A to Z  Challenge I will be describing parts of my fictional world I am starting to use for Roleplaying games. Most of this information is not known by my players, not to hide it from them, but because I think tons about a location that I won’t force them to sit through during gaming sessions.

LandoftheVioletBellflowerTwo nations in the land of the Violet Bellflower are known as the Fighters of Wold and the Forest Kingdom of Tuathanan. Originally I was going to post on both of them in this article, but at 800+ words already I will save the Forest Kingdom of Tuathanan for later.

FightersofWoldThe Fighters of Wold


The fighters inhabit an isthmus to the western end of the continent. They have one of the most diverse populations on the continent, being a haven for the Ti’dadin or touched ones. Over a century and a half ago the birth rate of unusual mutations increased. These were considered touched by foul magic, and even today are ostracized. After the societal collapse, some of them banded together to carve out a kingdom where they would be safe from persecution.

Government and Society: The Fighters of Wold are true to their name. Only having been founded thirty years ago, they rule by militocracy. Each full citizen must spend time in the military and their social standing is determined by their rank in military service, even decades after retirement in service. Non Citizens are taxed more heavily than those who have performed military service and sometimes looked down upon.

The current chief general is Kvort Wold. He adopted the nation’s name as his own when assuming the title of Chief General from the previous general. With red skin and hair, he is able to summon fire to his hands at any time and is rightly approached with caution. He is eyeing a portion of Isocania’s territory for expansion as spoils of war help keep the military busy and satisfied.

Kvort is eager to gather strong Ti’dadin, both for physical and magical strength. The chief war wizard, Nin has begun working on reliable methods of constructing magic weapons more quickly and is fully willing to export the lesser works to other nations for a tidy profit.

Architecture: Of a necessity, the sparsely populated area is highly self-sufficient and incorporates food gardens into their architecture and city design, when not merely modifying existing buildings. Their houses are wooden, thatched and typically with few divided rooms. The city of Weldharbor is built on ruins of a much larger port city with diverse building styles.

The most important area of each town is the barracks which hold the offices of the government and administration.

Food, Goods, Imports, and Exports: The diet is most often stew with a mix of meat, fat, grain and seasonal vegetables. The raising of large bison/lion-like creatures named Nimmons for fur and leather provides much of their meat and leather for export. The wheat crop also grows very well here and traded for preserved fruits and vegetables grown elsewhere.

The wood in the region is hard and durable and the fighters are capable of fashioning tough handles for axes, pole arms and other weapons and tools. These are exported while all but basic furniture is often imported.

Linnen is imported as it is a favored cloth of the warriors during training due to its breathability.

Saltpeter is found in large supply within the territory of the Fighters of Wold, and is used extensively for creating the spark powder used in fireworks. Not only exported, it is being researched for possible military purposes.

Culture, Clothing and Holidays: The culture is very regimented and strict, with curfews and very regular expansion of space and maintaining of defenceability. Even though there has been no war in ten years, the constant talk of it reinforces the defensive stance. Linnen is preferred for exercising and casual wear. Usually worn pleated for men and gathered for women it is decorated with detailed embroidery and made to accommodate leather armor over it. All citizens retain their weapons and armor after discharge from active service. The leather armor is unique in that it is designed with adjustable panels to allow for changes in weight over time.

The memorial of the Spirit of the Different is one of the high holidays of the year. It is marked by the retelling of battle stories, contests of physical and martial prowess. It is almost always preceded by a speech from the local general or captain, usually on how the rules are important and diligence must never fail and to always remain alert.

The winter lights festival is marked with displays fo fireworks, ceremonies of awards of merit, and offerings to the spirits for success. It is also a time for youth to perform vigil initiations before entering into military service. Vigila are always started with marathon style races between villages.

Concepts Used: What if a group of people persecuted decide to become hard as nails in response and form their own government?


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