Infinitas Kickstarter

The Infinitas Kickstater is really cool.

I have done something myself using the difference in black and white contrast between my laptop and TV screen do something ok in presenting maps on the screen. As of this writing the campaign is almost 2/3 funded. I would find it useful so I backed the project.

The use case is very different from Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds which enable online play, this enables in person play using technology such as a tablet and TV. The difference of assumptions are important as Fantasy Grounds and Roll20 assume two PC’s, with both able to act in the software. Infinitas DM assumes one Active device (tablet etc) and one passive device (TV screen). So they are definately different in setup.

The feature of most use to me that I hope they focus on first and deliver is the token movement and fog of war with the external montor being the player view. That alone would be worth the price. No digital drawing tools or lore book information would not make me like it any less.

As usual with Kickstarters, I generally assume a delay of 6 months in the fulfilling of the project. And to be honest this one may run into issues as they haven’t started on the programming yet, nor have successfully filled any previous campaign. As always beware of having to high of expectations on Kickstarters. But give it a look.



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