Review of First Dungeonesque Packet

I backed Dungeonesque  from Rouge Comet a streamlined reduced rule pamphlet for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

As part of the process, pieces are made available to backers for review and feedback. This is my feedback.

Assumptions: The layout is not final, so unless there are very specific cases I will not be critiquing layout design or how much is on one page etc. Most likely the reader doesn’t have a copy of this material yet, and I won’t be providing a link to it.

In this packet are the four basic classes (Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rouge), New Chase rules, sample bestiary, optional rules, old school game mastering tips.

Classes: Mostly what I would expect. A condensed version of the classes with shorter concise explanations of abilities. Not much I have to say, they look good. I might have more  to say once I see a more complete view of character creation.

New Chase Rules: Overall excellent. I think a better clarification that when you drop out of chase rules you go back to standard combat rounds or out of round based events and back to more narrative roleplay would be good. Also I would reduce the rolls to a single d6 and d12 being rolled. A two third probability of any hinderance, but don’t differentiate minor or major as separate tables but a single table per environment for hinderance ordered from minor to major.

Bestiary: Already mentioned by other reviewers that the description shouldn’t be on the bottom of the stat block as it gets lost visually. Otherwise it is well done. I have seen shorter blocks but these seem very usable with all but the most complex creatures taking up a sixth to a fourth of a page.

House Rules: Good simple level zero character section, I have thought of a similar ranked NPC simple creation set that might be good to set down for skilled NPC creation. I also like the Hit Dice healing requiring a healing kit and the lasting injury ideas.

Old School Game-Mastering: A good description of how to run a game.

Overall: An excellent setup and one I am looking forward to the final presentation of the booklets. I will have several printed up as good game references to complement my one players handbook used by up to five people at the table during some game sessions. The shorter book for Dungeon Masters will help my son (age 8) as he gets lost in the huge content of the Dungeon Master Guide.




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