B is For Bellfower and Bamboo

Again part of my fictional world and the A to Z challenge .

The Land of Bellflowerthe Violet Bellflower is a smaller island continent the size of Earth’s Europe. It is known as the land of the Violet Bellflower due to a famine ages ago where the root of the Violet Bellflower was grown for it’s hardiness and starchy and bitter tuber. About 107 years ago during a magical failure, the Kingdom of Thungaral  which at the time was an honored member of the Empire of Minam, society fell apart and the continent was no longer known by the name of Thungaral and revented to the older name for the land.

One of the few organizations that survived the social collapse was the Order of Bamboo. Named after the usefull woody grass that had been imported to the continant several thousand years before during the time of the AnBamboodon Alliance. The Order of Bamboo is an organization that manages magical communication, courier services, mail, and banking. Rumour has it they have designs on policial power and an aspect of the organization may have agents working to consolodate power.

In all practical aspects however the Order of Bamboo is highly respected, widely utalized and generally considered neutral in international affairs. Especially important as there are now 32 recognized nations within the realm formally known as Thungaral. The Order of Bamboo holds two headquarters on the continent, in Aquasight on the Knowing Isle and Viridius in the Jade Kingdom. They also have an outpost in every major and even many minor cities, along with many boats and caravans in it’s employ.

5e Background for playing in a Bellflower and Bamboo Campaign

Agent of the Order of Bamboo

You have worked for the Order of Bamboo in one of it’s many locations or courier operations. Roll 1d8 or pick which job you had as part of the order.

  1. Courier
  2. Accountant
  3. Post Master
  4. Notary
  5. Cryptographer
  6. Wispering Winds Tower operator
  7. Scribe
  8. Lock smith
  • Skill Proficiencies : Choose two of the following; Arcana, Deception, History, Investigation, or tool proficiency in calligraphy tools or lock smith tools.
  • Languages: Two of your choice
  • Equipment: a Bamboo walking staff with the insignia of the order, a small locking box, a book of prices locations and other order specfic information, a set of travelling or workers clothing, a pouch with 15 gp
  • Feature: Access to the Order
    • All services of the order are available on discount  of 25% off as long as you remain an agent in good standing.
    • You and only you can join any caravan or ship that is run by the Order for free.
  • Suggested Characteristics:
    • Use Guild Artisan in the players handbook for Characteristics

The Wispering Winds Towers are set up to allow instant communication between each other tower, and are in various places around the world. More to come on that.

Bamboo photo by Burt Lum, and Bellflower by Toshiyuki IMAI


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